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We are here for brands that want to leave an extraordinary mark in the digital world. With creative ideas, original designs and catchy campaigns; We accompany you on your social media journey. Because we believe that each story is different and each success will be written with unique strategies. Are you ready to explore with Digivesta Media?

Welcome To DigiVesta Media!


DigiVesta Media is an agency that offers specialized social media management and marketing services for small and medium-sized businesses. Our experienced team specializes in social media management, SEO, content marketing, advertising and content creation. We produce impressive content that resonates with your target audience and adds value to their lives. With DigiVesta Media you can guarantee a strong online presence, increased engagement and growth of your business.

About Us

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DigiVesta Media offers a range of services designed to help businesses build their online presence and attract more customers. Our expert team specializes in social media management, online advertising and website construction. Additionally, thanks to customizable packages, you can choose the services that are most suitable for you.

Our Services

We manage your brand's social media accounts with a strategic approach and prepare content specific to your target audience. In addition to adding interaction to your social media accounts with weekly advertisements, we aim to enable you to reach your target audience by providing natural interaction with daily posts and weekly reels videos, by using your budget in the most appropriate way.


Social Media Management

Social Media Management

We highlight your business in the digital arena by running dynamic advertising campaigns via Instagram, Facebook and Google Ads. Our expert team develops effective advertising strategies that aim to reach your brand's most appropriate target audience. We ensure that you get the best results from your advertising investments with creative content and smart keywords.


Digital Advertisement

Your professional website will be the digital showcase of your brand. With modern design and user-friendly interfaces, we offer your visitors an unforgettable experience. We make you stand out in search engines with SEO compatible content and speed optimization.


Website Development

With our professional video shooting and editing services, we turn your brand's story into a visual feast. We produce and edit content that will attract the attention of your target audience with creative scenarios, quality shooting techniques and dynamic montages.


Video  Editing

Video Editor





LifeWay Motorsiklet serves as the authorized official sales dealer of Motolux in Turkey and a moto gallery. We grew our organic follower base by producing content with professional video footage and effective social media management strategies, and reached the most suitable audience with optimized location-based digital ads. In this way, we achieved a significant increase in motorcycle sales.

Lifeway Motorcycle

We designed an original logo for Anatolian Glow Company and redesigned their website with SEO optimization. These efforts increased the brand's online visibility and improved the user experience. We also aim to increase sales with social media management service in the near future. 

Anatolian Glow

Founded in 2022, Crypto Pyramid is a strategic partner in the field of blockchain and digital assets. It has worked with important projects such as SandBox and CyberConnect, and collaborated with leading exchanges such as Binance, OKX and Bitmart. We offer consultancy services on Digital Marketing, business development, content production, SEO optimization and community management.

Crypto Pyramid

Carrier Global Logistics is a leading service provider in the logistics and transportation industry. As part of our collaboration in this area, we redesigned the company's website and improved the user experience. We also undertook social media management on LinkedIn, making the brand more visible and interactive on the professional network. In this process, we strengthened their digital identity and increased their online presence.

Carrier Global Logistics



From the moment we started working with Digivesta Media, our restaurant's Instagram account was literally reborn. Thanks to professional video content and impressive shares, we experienced a visible increase in the number of our customers. Digivesta's creativity and expertise in social media has given our business a great boost. Thanks to the team's meticulous work and innovative approaches, we were able to tell the story of our restaurant in the most effective way.

Ugur Unsal

(Pasamin Yeri Bornova)

As LifeWay Motorsiklet, our collaboration with Digivesta Media has significantly increased the online interaction and visibility of our brand. Digivesta's professional video shooting and social media management brought motorcycle enthusiasts together with us. The team's creative approach and mastery of social media turned into an effective strategy that increased our sales. This collaboration enabled LifeWay Motorsiklet to reach a strong position in the digital world. We brought our brand to a wider audience.

Emre Onaran

(Lifeway Motorcycle)

As Anatolian Glow and Mozaik Lamba, we were extremely pleased with Digivesta Media's services. The logos designed by the agency fully reflect the spirit of our brands. Additionally, our online visibility and reach has greatly increased thanks to our websites redesign and SEO optimization. Digivesta Media's professional approach, technical knowledge and creative solutions have enabled both of our brands to stand out in the digital world. Working with them has been key to taking our business to the next level.

Hakan Akar

(Mosaic Lamp and Anatolian Glow)